A 6th generation family owned and operated working sawmill and lumberyard.

About Us

A load of landscape timbers ready to be shipped.

Quality Native Lumber Products

We produce mostly Eastern White Pine, but also handle other Native Lumber, such as oak and cedar when available.  We specialize in providing materials for post and beam construction, both in Pine and Oak. We carry rough green pine for your shed, barn, fencing and garden projects.  We also inventory a line of kiln dried products in square edge, tongue & groove and ship lap patterns.

1985 Mack Log Truck

Our Customers & Suppliers

We supply a wide variety of customers such as shed companies, contractors, pallet manufacturers, boat yards, other lumberyards and homeowners.  We love that we have multi generational customers who remember visiting with their parents and grandparents.  Our log and lumber suppliers are all local, all material manufactured here is native to this area.  It's important to source native lumber over other wood, as it tends to be more stable and suitable for this environment. 


Established in 1870

Gurney's Saw Mill has survived for over 149 years because of the loyalty of our customers and the hard work and dedication of our employees and suppliers.  We also have a solid reputation with local landowners for proper land management.  We take care to not only produce timber, but also to protect the long-term aesthetic and wildlife values of private woodlands.