About Us

Merton B. Gurney, 4th generation sawyer.

149 years and counting

1870 -Jonathan Reed Gurney established Gurney's Saw Mill off of Chace Road in East Freetown, MA. Gurney's is currently owned and operated by Paul and Sharlene Darling as well as their daughter Jennifer and son Jon. Between them they have over 50 years worth of experience in the sawmill business. 

(photo is of Merton B. Gurney, 4th gen.)

President and 5th Generation Sawyer, Paul Darling.

Sawdust in his blood

Paul Darling has been in the logging and lumber business since 1968.  He comes from a family full of carpenters and tradesmen.   In a business such as this, you have to take a lot of pride in what you do and to stay in it this long, you certainly do get very good at it.  Paul loves large homeowner building projects that include harvesting and using timber from their property when possible.  

Vice President and 6th generation sawyer, Jon Darling checking the saw.

6th Generation

Jon Darling has literally been working alongside his father Paul since he was a toddler.  We have photos of him driving a skidder and bulldozer solo at the age of 5yrs.  Jon officially joined the Gurney's team in 1994 and has proven himself a jack of all trades. He is responsible for most of the sawing, maintenance, repairs and deliveries.